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PRIMAVERA Hotel & Congress center **** is a modern four-star hotel in Pilsen with 94 air-conditioned rooms (240 beds in total), a restaurant with an outdoor terrace, a wine bar and a representative multi-purpose congress center with different capacity halls. Parking space for 100 cars and 3 buses in hotel area.

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PRIMAVERA Hotel & Congress centre
Nepomucká 1058/128
326 00 Plzeň

49°42'38.1"N 13°24'45.4"E

Tel.: +420 378 020 500
Mobile: +420 603 113 853
Fax: +420 378 020 501

GDS codes:
Sabre: FG220483
Galileo: FGA5630
Worldspan: FGPRGP
Pegasus: for information only FGPRGP

About Plzen (Pilsen)

Culture in Pilsen 2019


Visit the interesting places in Pilsen

Statutory city of Pilsen is located in Western Bohemia. With its 170 thousand inhabitants it represents the fourth largest city of the country, and the second largest in Bohemia. Due to its strategic position, this city is a transport and trade connection between the capital city of Prague and Federal Republic of Germany and tourists are attracted by its excellent accessibility.

The city of Pilsen evokes associations with famous Pilsner Urquell beer. The secret of its production has already been passed down through generations for 174 years and its typical bitter taste may be enjoyed in lot of great restaurants in Pilsen, which offer high quality Czech and international cuisine.

However, in 2015 Pilsen became famous for being the European Capital of Culture and it convinced its visitors about being able to offer even more than beer. This successful project became a stepping stone for Pilsen to build a modern European tourist destination with the maximum utilization of the best values of the city. There are a lot of attractive places for tourists; even the most demanding visitors will be satisfied here.  


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techmanie barak

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The historic city centre

  • Republic Square – in its time the largest medieval square in Europe. Today the centre of events – it provides the space for concerts, sporting and other activities.
  • St. Bartholomew´s Cathedral – the most cherished monument of the historic centre. The famous Pilsen Madonna, a masterpiece of the style called „Beautiful Madonnas“ of the Czech Gothic art, is situated on the main altar.

  • Cathedral Tower – a part of the cathedral. It is the highest tower in the Czech Republic and offers a wonderful view of the surrounding areas.

  • Renaissance City Hall – one of the most beautiful city halls in the country. A plastic model of the historic city centre may be seen in the big medieval hall.

  • The Great Synagogue – the largest in our country, the second largest in Europe and fourth in the world. It reminds the former large thriving Jewish community in Pilsen. These days, concerts, exhibitions and other events are held in its interior.

  • Historical Underground – nearly twenty kilometres of tunnels, cellars and wells form one of the largest historic undergrounds in Central Europe. Tourists are informed about medieval life under the city. The tour includes Master Beer tasting (for adults only).

  • Brewery Museum – housed in the original medieval licensed brewery house from the 15th century. It describes the story of beer from ancient times until the establishment of big industrial breweries. The tour includes Pilsner Urquell tasting (for adults only).

  • Orchard Circle – built on the site of demolished urban buildings. It surrounds the historic centre and invites people to sit down in one of many cafés.

  • Puppet Museum – is linked to the long puppetry tradition in the Pilsen region. The visitors can see puppets and puppet theatres. They can not only look at the exposition, they can also play theatre with some puppets.

  • Techmania Science Centre and 3D Planetarium – situated in the Škoda premises. It offers an informal and entertaining way of exploring the world around us for whole families.

  • Zoo and Botanical Garden – breeds the biggest scope of animals of all Czech zoos. A little train connects the Republic Square and the Zoo in summer months.

  • Dinopark - a unique fun park for the general public. It offers 30 life sized sound models of prehistoric animals.

West Bohemian Museum


Historic Underground


J.K.Tyl Theatre


Town hall


The Great Synagogue


Cathedral of St. Bartholomew


We recommend a visit of Pilsner Urquell Brewery

It was the brewery in Pilsen – the place where the revolution of beer-brewing took place in the middle of 19th century. It was the first time in the human history with beer brewed as we know it today – properly bitter beverage with gold colour and snow-white froth. Today, the brewery is a busy and dynamic place. The traditional Pilsner Urquell brewing technology is blending here together with the most modern technologies of beer-brewing. It therefore becomes unique industrial monument, which attracts not only all the epicures and fans of good beer.
Visitors Centre Modern bottling facility New exposition Pilsner Urquell Brew house The Hall of Fame Historic cellars
short movie about history of Pilsner Urquell beer the most modern bottling facility in the Czech Republic – with capacity of 60 thousand bottles per hour movie about production of Pilsner Urquell beer in panoramic cinema with revolving auditorium unique brewing technology of Pilsner Urquell the most important monuments of brewery tasting of unfiltered and unpasteurised Pilsner Urquel beer – directly from barrels (for adults only)

Brewery Museum

  • Brewery museum guards the legend of beer and beer-brewing. It is located in the original brew house, which breaths the atmosphere of medieval times and unfolds the ancient secret of beer production and serving.

  • It offers the educational and entertaining exposition which attracts all curious people and also the history and beer-brewing lovers.

  • A part of the museum is the late-gothic malt house, the so-called „hvozd“, the rolling room, replica of porterhouse from turn of 19th and 20th century, laboratory from second half of 19th century and part of old city walls with demonstration of hop and barley growing.

  • The tour is connected with beer tasting – 0,3l of Pilsner Urquell beer (for adults only).

  • The museum offers guided tour for groups of 10 or more members in six language variants: English, German, Russian, French, Spanish and Italian.


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You can also visit castles and chateaus in the surrounding of the PRIMAVERA Hotel:

Chateau Nebílovy



Chateau Kozel



Castle Radynĕ





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pivovarske_muzeum2 brana



pivovarske_muzeum2 brana

Rabštejn nad Střelou


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pivovarske_muzeum2 brana

Starý Plzenec


pivovarske_muzeum2 brana

Mariánská Týnice


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