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PRIMAVERA Hotel & Congress centre
Nepomucká 1058/128
326 00 Plzeň

49°42'38.1"N 13°24'45.4"E

電話 +420 378 020 500
モバイル +420 603 113 853
ファックス +420 378 020 501

Sabre: FG220483
Galileo: FGA5630
Worldspan: FGPRGP
Pegasus: for information only FGPRGP


Audio - video

Hotel Primavera is equipped with modern AV technology

At Primavera we are pleased to offer you a wide range of sound and audio visual equipment for hire. Please contact us with your conference or other business needs and we will provide you with a quote in the shortest possible time. We would be more than happy to arrange an appointment with you to discuss your needs and work out a solution that fits with your budget. In addition, if you would like to view any of our audio visual equipment, then please contact us at any time.

At Primavera we are able to provide audio visual support from basic background music to a light and sound show with camera data recording and direct broadcast to TV. We can facilitate video conferences, high speed internet transmission, satelite broadcasting or even provide a photographer all in a secure and efficient manner. The hotel also caters for your printing and sign writing needs with high quality graphic and printing machines.

The hotel also has the capability to broadcast conferences directly to the guests rooms via closed circuit cables for greater convenience during longer conferences. Each conference hall is equipped with a quality projector and sound system and it is very easy to interconnect. We are also able to provide direct advertising to our hotel guests via the in room TVs and the external hotel tv displays, providing captive audience advertising of your business or event.

We arrange live music, DJ, music bands, interpreters and translators, magicians, bartenders show, etc. Our technicist will help you with every action and will be ready to connect all devices and prove them before the action.

Possible configurations for your action:

1) Party music
Playing the CD, MP3, radio. Simple serving, the possibility to bring your own CD.

2) Sounding presentation + microphones for the spoken word
There are cordless microphones, head microphones and lavaliers. You can bring your own player or notebook.

3) Projection on the screen
We arrange our notebook or you can bring your own one and we connect it with the projector and the video will be sent on the screen.

4) Sounding presentation
The client can bring his own notebook or other music player, that will be connect with the sound system.

5) Camera and sound data record on DVD
The roof span will be focused on the random place in the conference room before the action (speaker´s desk, parquet, podium, table…). The speaker will be talking to the mic. Data record will be made on DVD recorder. On one DVD is possible to record max. 2 hours of the data record. After 2 hours the DVD medium 4,7 GB is replaced.

6) Camera and sound data record on portable camera with mini DV cassette
The portable digital camera is on the stand controlled by the staff during the whole action. With this camera is possible to record inside and outside also. The data record is situated on mini cassette DV 60 min. directly in the camera.

7) Video conference
Broadcast from 2 and more random places in the world. The voice and the video of the clients are scanned and broadcasted via the ISDN or IP technology and shown on the TV screens or in the projectors.

8) The headlights, scroboscope, light show
Different kinds of headlights on holders for floodlight the speaker or the moving light advertising anywhere in the room.

9) The technology for the interpreting
We provide proffesional interpreters, interpreter´s cabines equipped by conference technology, headphones for foreign language Access.

10) Telecasting
Telecasting of live picture and sound to all TV in the hotel including the TV in the rooms. For example broadcasting the conference from the conference hall or broadcasting the advertising from our PC.

11) Internet access
We are able to arrange special individual/separate webnet, guaranteed internet connection, fixed IP addresses, VPN etc. for you event.

The most using technologies

We will help you with the choice and we will make you an offer according to your wishes.
For asking the price please call IT-sales department of Primavera hotel tel.
tel. +420 378 020 500 or e-mail us

Round pricelist - download PDF - AV technika_klient_2010_03.pdf (133kB)

Flipchart Flipchart, paper, markers
Plátno Screen (fixed; portable) till 4m width
Projektor Projector (fixed; portable) till 6500 ANSI Lum
Mikrofon Microphone with cord or cordless
Náhlavní mikrofon Headset port
If the speaker needs to have free hands, choose the headset
Reproduktory Speakers for sound distribution in the halls
Plazma TV Plasma TV diagonal till 42" (107cm). Look-in for the speakers during the conferences,
any advertising on reception, in coffee, in restaurant, in halls also in the rooms
Dotaková obrazovka Touch screen with digital pen
Present directly from your favourite aplication or from internet directly on the screen
DVD přehrávač DVD player / recorder
Present your videos, advertisement and spots

Notebook Notebook with Windows and Office, LAN, DVD, WiFi
Dálkový ovladač notebooku a laserové ukazovátko DController of the notebook and laser light pointer
Počítač PC with Windows and Office, LAN, DVD
Videokonfereční jednotka Videoconference module for international and distant conferences
Save the hassle of unnecessary business travels.
We enable you to connect with your business partners via camera and microphone.
This service is available for individuals as well as for groups conferences.
Vizualizér Vizualizer for transfer from the plastic film or paper on the screen,
possible to transfer the portrait of the subjects, camera principle, memory, zoom.
Stropní kamera Roof camera.
Scan the speaker and broadcast his speech on the screen, record his speech.
Broadcast live image to all TV in our Primavera hotel.
Easy prepare, fixed conference rooms equipment.
Kamera na stativu Camera on the tripod..
Record the speaker and show his speech on the screen, record his speech.
Record every single moment of your party, celebration or conference.
Radio tuner Radio tuner
Listen to your favourite radio station by the dinner, lunch or during the coffee breaks.
Tlumočnická kabinka Interpreting cabine.
Parallel interpreting (called also conference interpreting, cabine interpreting)
Invite the foreigners to the conference and we arrange the professional interpreters for any language.
(czech, german, russian, english, spanish, japanese, vietnam....)
Tlumočník nečeká, až řečník domluví, aby začal tlumočit.
Infra přijímač pro tlumočení Cordless receiver for the interpreting
(participant´s headphones - infra or radio).
Invite for up to 200 guests from all over the world to your conference,
our facilities enable to all participants to choose their native language in the headphones.
Interpreting is parallel with the presenter’s speech.
Switch - aktivní rozbočovač počítačové sítě Switch.
We will make specially for you the individual nets, guaranted access, fix IP adresses, VPN, etc.